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CV. Spicesidn has a business scope engaged in the export of Vanilla Beans and Spices Distributors, including:

1. Vanilla Beans

We offer Vanilla Beans with Premium quality (Grade A / TOP Grade). have 2 varieties of Vanilla Beans which are Tahitensis Vanilla and Planifolia Vanilla, I’ll give you the specification of each variety.

Premium Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Tahitensis

Tahitian vanilla beans from Indonesia are generally shorter, plumper, and contain a much higher oil and water content than Bourbon beans. The aroma is flowery, fruity with a smooth flavor. They are often described as smelling like licorice, cherries, or wine. Gourmet pastry chefs love to work with the Tahitian (Tahitensis) variety, which are perfect for many applications. although vanilla Tahitensis has a shorter size than Vanilla planifolia, the sharpness of its aroma is much sharper than that of the Planifolia.

PREMIUM GRADE Spesification :
– 1,3 % Vanilla Content
– 20-30% Moisture
– 14-18 Centimeter
– Vacuum Packed
– Gourmet 


Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla planifolia, or 'flat-leafed' vanilla, is the scientific name for the plant referred to as the 'vanilla vine', 'vanilla orchid' or simply, and most commonly, as vanilla. The genus name Vanilla comes from the Spanish name for the spice, which is "vanilla". 'Vainilla' itself is “a diminutive of‘ vaina ’, or a sheath, vagina, pod, perhaps motivated by the sheath-like shape of the fruit,” (Katzer, 2003). The specific-epithet (the species-half of the scientific name), 'Planifolia', alludes to the flat shape of the leaves of the plant. The common name for the plant and the well-known 'vanilla' by-product is nearly the same in all languages, except for the native name which is “Náhuatl tlilxochitl” or 'black flower'. Oddly enough, that never caught on. Vanilla Planifolia, which originates from Indonesia, has a light and slightly sweet aroma. vanilla Planifolia has a shape that tends to be cylindrical and is quite large and long, very different from vanilla Tahitensis which has a shape that tends to be thin and short in size.

PREMIUM GRADE Spesification :
– 1,5 % Vanilla Content
– 20-30% Moisture
– 16-22 Centimeter
– Vacuum Packed 
– Gourmet 

2. Indonesian Spices

The Indonesian spices that we offer are premium quality spices so that we can provide the best products to our partners or clients, including:

Premium Spices of Indonesia


Origin: Java | Packaging: PP bag @30 kg | Quality: Slices, sieved and cleaned


Origin: Java | Packaging: PP bag @ 30kg | Quality: Slices, sieved and cleaned


Origin: Java |Packaging: Polypropylene bag @ 25kg | Quality: Sieved and cleaned |Moisture: 15-18% | Impurity: 2%


Origin: Celebes, Moluccas, Java | Packaging: Polypropylene bag, Jute Bag @ 50kg | Quality Lal Pari/ Reddish/ Java clove: Sieved and cleaned | Moisture: 6-12% | Stems: 2%


Origin: Indonesia | Packaging: 2 Vacuum packs in a Carton box @ 10kg | Quality: Whole candlenut, Splits candlenut, Broken candlenuts


Origin: Sumatera, Kalimantan | Packaging: Polypropylene bag or Carton Box (depends on quality) | Quality: Sticks 30-60 cm | Moisture: 14% | Volatile Oil: 2 to 2.5% SVO


Black Pepper: Origin: Sumatera, Borneo, Celebes | Packaging: Jute bag @ 50 kg | Quality: FAQ Density: 500 G/L | Machine cleaned Density: 550 G/L, ASTA Density: 570 G/L | Moisture: 13%


White Pepper : Origin: Bangka, Borneo, Sulawesi | Packaging: Jute bag @ 50 kg | Quality: Single wash (SW), Double wash (DW) 630 G/L | Moisture: 14% /