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Spicesidn is an Indonesian export company with premium quality spices based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia has long been known as a world spice producer. Spices are aromatic and strongly flavored parts of the plant that are used in small amounts in foods as preservatives or flavor enhancers in cooking. Spices are usually distinguished from other plants that are used for similar purposes, such as medicinal plants, flavored vegetables, and dried fruit. Spices such as ginger, cumin, pepper, hazelnut, onion/white, pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, chilies and ginger, and so on.

Indonesian spices were the most valuable merchandise in the pre-colonial era. Many spices used to be used in medicine, but are now being reduced due to various factors. There are various kinds of traditional spices with uses according to your needs. Spices can be used for health, beauty, handicrafts, and others.

Spices are commodities that have played an important role in world trade for hundreds of years ago. Such is the importance of spice products. According to the Horti Chain Center, the Indonesian-Netherlands Association, Indonesia, which is known as a spice-producing country, has a large market opportunity for the supply of spices in the European Union market.

Vision and Mission

Company Vision

To be a company that is trusted, independent, with international competitiveness, and the ability to meet client satisfaction with quality products and services.

Company Mission

Planifolia Vanilla Beans
Premium Vanilla Beans

We Sell Vanilla Tahitian, Vanilla Planifolia, and other products of vanilla beans according to consumer demand with affordable price, Perfect build and Premium quality

Indonesia Premium Spices

Indonesia is known as one of the best spice producing countries in the world. Based on data from the Foor and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 2016, Indonesia was ranked fourth as a spice producer in the world


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Our company’s flagship products are Premium Vanilla Beans (Planifolia/Bourbon, Tahitensis), Vanilla Powder and Vanilla Caviar. The quality of our products is of the best quality, because our products go through a very strict sorting process and are carried out by our certified expert team and go through a very thorough and careful process, so we hope that our products can become superior products and provide satisfaction for our customers. All of you.